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Sports Guard

Mouthguards come in all different styles, but not all mouthguards are created equal, and many do not provide the necessary protection or comfort offered by a professionally made custom mouthguard.

Store Bought VS Custom Mouthguard:

The best types of sports mouthguards are created on an exact model of your teeth via pressure lamination. These types provide the best fit, comfort, and most importantly, the best protection. Store bought mouthguards provide a false sense of security, are often uncomfortable, and do not last very long. Regardless of the type, if it is store bought, it is not worth wearing (there may be some circumstances were a boil & bite mouthguard may have some effect for a temporary mouthguard but I recommend you see your dentist before purchasing one). To help demonstrate this, compare the photos of the custom mouthguards above, to these store bought ones to the right. And for further information on the differences, feel free to check out (source of the photos for the stock mouthguards).

Risks of Not Wearing a Mouthguard

Failure to wear a custom fabricate sports mouthguard can have disastrous consequences. For some, they don’t want to spend the money on a proper mouthguard, or they figure they have gone so long without one accident free, that they don’t need one. Or, they feel a store bought mouthguard will offer the same level of protection as a custom mouthguard because companies are so good at doing their marketing. But take a look at these next couple cases to see the risks of not wearing a custom fitted professional mouthguard.