Our Innovative Technologies

3D dental scanner

No more messy moulds and no more gooey impressions! We have the latest technology in 3D dental scanning. In a few minutes, we can have a more accurate, more stable scanner and bite of your whole mouth without the discomfort of impressions. The scan is instantly sent to our dental lab and they start fabricating your case right away. No more boxes with deliveries, and no more gas emissions – saving the environment.

Advantages include
– a much more accurate fit than with the regular impressions
– less likely to need adjustments
– does not distort or loose accuracy over time
– permanently retained
– sent to the lab with a click of a button

Get faster and better results in no time!

Intraoral cameras:

Now you don’t have to wonder about what’s going on in your mouth anymore. With our new high definition intraoral cameras, our dentists can snap a shot of the area of concern and instantly show you. See it, to believe it!

Smile design:

Have you ever wondered how your smile could change or what can be done to improve it? Whether it’s veneers, invisalign or cosmetic restorations – wonder no more! Our dentists can now take a complete scan of your mouth and within few minutes, virtually design your new and improved smile. With just one click of a button, you’ll be able to visualize your smile’s potential and see all the possibilities.

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