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Dental fillings are a common method used to restore teeth to their normal state after decay occurs. Fillings are one of the most routine dental procedures that are conducted on a daily basis at D.R. Dental. Dental fillings can be done using various different materials. Every dentist may have a personal preference of filling material, but it is important to educate yourself about the different options.

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There are many reasons why you may need a filling, however, the most common reason is to replace a dental cavity due to a decay. You can prevent cavities and avoid the need for fillings by brushing your teeth regularly with fluoride toothpaste, flossing between your teeth and using antibacterial mouthwash.

Resin, or white filling, is the most common filling material of choice by dentists. Resin is cosmetically pleasing, since it blends in with the natural appearance and structure of the tooth. In addition, this versatile filling helps bond together the surrounding tooth structure to help restore some of the lost strength. However, it is important to be aware that resin is vulnerable to degradation by acid. To prevent your filling from this vulnerability, it is essential to keep your mouth free of bacteria that metabolizes the food in your mouth and produces acid. Variations of resin fillings are now available that contain glass components that store and release minerals like fluoride. This helps protect the resin from acid.

Amalgam fillings are silver-coloured and are made using a combination of metals, including mercury. This type of filling has been used for decades due to its durability and its strength in withstanding the forces of chewing. However, many countries have begun to ban the use of this material for safety reasons. At D.R. Dental, we have decided not to use this material unless specifically indicated by the patient. Despite the strength of amalgam, its lack of bonding compromises the tooth structure and can lead to further complications in the future. We are confident we can find an appropriate filling to help you maintain your oral health.

While resin and amalgam fillings are placed directly into the tooth, there are alternative filling types that can be cemented into place after being constructed outside of the mouth. Similar to onlays and crowns, these fillings are strong and durable. Gold fillings are a long-lasting and high-quality filling options. However, patients often opt for porcelain fillings since they are considered more cosmetically pleasing. These two high-grade fillings options are generally more expensive than resin fillings and are often not covered by insurance policies. Ultimately, it is up to you to make the best choice for your smile.

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