Sleep apnea is a disease that many people may suffer from although they may be unaware. It may be perceived as common snoring but it can be a very dangerous

Determining if you need a night guard can be very tricky. As many people don’t realize why or how a night guard would benefit. Night guards are generally recommended to

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapid growing practice that can allow the appearance of your teeth to be altered aesthetically. It allows for reshaping, adjusting misaligned teeth and even changing the

Teeth whitening procedures are a rapid growing trend for individuals of all ages. As we age teeth can change color over time due to smoking products and the food that

As most dental offices are starting to open back up you may be wondering what to expect when you finally get in for your dental visit. Many dental offices will

If your gums bleed, are tender, sensitive, or swell up occasionally when you floss, you might have gingivitis. However, you’re not alone. According to the Canadian Dental Hygienist Association, about