Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

D.R. Dental provides comprehensive oral surgery services, including general tooth extractions and wisdom teeh extractions. Broadly, oral surgery covers any medical surgical procedure that is conducted on your teeth, jaw or gums with the intention of improving your dental health. At our practice you will find experienced dentists who are available to provide you with customized care packages for your best health.

Types of treatments

Oral surgery is a very important instrument in the toolbox of a dentist and is useful for emergency routine and complex procedures. We find that we most commonly utilize oral surgery to:

– Remove infected or broken down teeth
– Replace and adjust dental implants
– Alleviate pain or damage caused by injuries
– Perform corrective cosmetic procedures to improve our patient’s smiles
– Improve jaw-related oral health problems

Wisdom teeth are our last teeth to develop and unfortunately at least one of them usually tends to cause some difficulty. Issues often include growing out of alignment, failing to emerge fully or becoming impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are trapped between the jawbone and the surrounding gums. This can cause serious discomfort, swelling and even gum infection. In addition to impacted wisdom teeth, some individuals may develop other impacted teeth as well. Impacted teeth are a major cause of pain and infection, we most commonly suggest oral surgery to improve the situation.

Dental implants often serve both a functional and cosmetic purpose for many of our patients. Following tooth extraction or loss, we find that many people prefer to have cosmetic surgery performed to bring back some of the lost biting power and restore their original smile. There are many dental options available after tooth loss, such as dentures and bridges. We encourage you to check out our Cosmetic Dentistry page for more information. However, dental implants remain one of our top choices because of their durability and seamless fit. This procedure is multi-step, but your persistence pays off with an aesthetic and functional finished product.

While most of us take good regular care of our pearly whites, sometimes we are faced by accidents that are out of our control. Unexpected injuries and infections can require immediate emergency oral surgery. We offer high-quality comprehensive emergency care, including emergency oral surgery. Among many procedures, this includes emergency dental extractions. If you are experiencing an emergency, call our practice as soon as possible. If that is not possible, please drop by to talk to our reception staff who are more than happy to help you.

Book an appointment with our experienced team

Oral surgery can be transformative for your health and your smile. If you are experiencing dental issues, please contact us to find out how our team can help you solve the problem. The latest scientific and technological advances mean that you shouldn’t need to suffer from pain, infection or cosmetic damage. While it may seem daunting, oral surgery is a routine and powerful method to help you transform your health. Leave us a message on our contact form and our dentists will get back to you shortly regarding your questions or concerns.