Implant-Supported Bridge

Implant-Supported Bridge

Are you missing few adjacent teeth? If so, an Implant-supported bridge can be a great solution especially for those who may not be good candidates for a traditional dental bridge, which requires solid teeth in robust conditions on both sides of the gap and those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of a removable partial denture.

Implant-Supported Bridge indications

An Implant-supported bridge is used to replace two or more adjacent teeth. The prosthesis is anchored in place with two or more dental implants placed in the jaw bone. The empty tooth sockets first must heal and fill up with bone after the tooth loss or extraction which can be helped and accelerated by considering a bone graft at the time of the extraction. Then dental Implants will be placed and given time to fuse with the jaw bone. Once the jaw bone to implants fusion is complete — usually after a period of 6 to 9 months posts will be attached to the implants to serve as bases and connections for the dental bridge prosthesis.

With proper care, your Implant-supported bridge can last a lifetime!

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