All-On-4 Prosthesis

All-On-4 Prosthesis

Are you sick of removable appliances and want something fixed in your mouth that doesn’t require removal several times a day?

The all-on-4 prosthesis is as close as it could get for edentulous patients to having a normal dentition.

It is a fixed solution that will not be removed by the patient. It involves placing four or more dental implants and then fabricating and fixing a prosthesis to them. All-on-4 can be an option for patients who lost all or almost all of their teeth. Remaining teeth will be pulled before placing the implants. Implants are usually placed into the bone and left to integrate. The bonding process will take about six months, during which a temporary fixed prosthesis will be secured to the implants.

When the integration process is complete, new teeth will be fabricated and secured to the implants. Once in place, you’ll have a brand new smile, with teeth that will look and work just like natural teeth! Hard foods like apples, steak and other previously off-limit foods are now on the menu, and you won’t have to worry about your dentures falling out, nor will you need to bother with having to remove your dentures several times a day.

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