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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there are multiple options available. One of those options is getting dentures. While dentures are never the same as natural teeth or as functional as something fixed in place like a bridge or an implant, they are a very cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth at one time.

Removable partial denture or complete denture in Etobicoke

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When a complete set of dentures is made, the teeth can be made longer, shorter, fuller, whiter, etc. Our years of experience in developing dentures means that you can rest assured that we will work hand-in-hand with you to create a set of dentures that is both functional and beautiful.

Dentures are broadly divided into metal vs metal-free styles.

Generally, the metal frameworks are more solid, providing the best long-term fit and durability. However, they have less cosmetic appeal, and in some cases can produce a metallic taste.

On the other hand, acrylic dentures may be thicker and a bit weaker, but many of them can be easily modified in the future. There are also some acrylic-type dentures that try to mimic the thinness and durability of metal framework dentures, but these are almost impossible to modify and will likely need replacing on a more frequent basis.

While you may envision dentures as a way to replace an entire row of teeth, single tooth dentures are an economical replacement for a missing tooth. Generally, single tooth dentures are made of acrylic and may feature a clasp. These types of dentures will primarily serve a cosmetic role, instead of a functional one. However, the overall functionality will vary between patients.

These types of dentures are popular due to their lower price point compared with implants or bridges. Some people also prefer them to bridges, as they do not require the shaving down of otherwise healthy teeth. As with any other denture, single tooth replacements are customized to fit the colour, shape and size of your natural teeth.

Dentures are available as both complete and partial replacements for a set of teeth:

Complete dentures: These are most appropriate for people for whom an entire set of teeth is missing. They are custom-made to fit your gums and jaw and will sit comfortably in your mouth. However, your jaw structure changes over time and complete dentures will need to be replaced or modified along the way.

Partial dentures: A removable partial denture is a great economical option for those who have natural teeth that remain healthy. Partial dentures will have internal attachments that will discreetly connect your dentures to your existing teeth. This will not only fill the gaps, but also prevent your natural teeth from shifting.

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