Sports Guards & Night Guards

Sports Guards & Night Guards

Mouthguards come in many different styles, but not all mouthguards are created equally. Store-bought mouthguards often do not provide the necessary protection or comfort offered by a custom mouthguard made by a professional. Protect your teeth while playing sports, the risk is not worth it.

If you frequently wake up from sleep with jaw pain, cheek pain, headaches or sore teeth, you might be grinding your teeth while you are asleep. This condition, bruxism, affects about 15% of all adults, according to the American Dental Association. A night guard is an appliance worn while sleeping that functions in preventing teeth grinding. There are also other ways of preventing and reducing bruxism. The most important thing to know about bruxism is that it can be treated with the help of a dentist.

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The best types of sports mouthguards are created based on an exact model of your teeth via pressure lamination. These types provide the best fit, comfort and, most importantly, the best protection. Store bought mouthguards provide a false sense of security, are often uncomfortable and do not last very long. While boil and bite mouthguards can be acceptable temporary mouthguards, it is recommended that you consult your dentist before proceeding with this option.

Your beautiful smile is an integral part of your image and it is not worth jeopardizing it. While you may have played sports for many years without a dental accident, it only takes a moment for things to change drastically. We have seen such incidents in our dental emergency practice and recommend all athletes to wear appropriate mouthguards that will stay in place and provide you with maximum protection.

Bruxism can cause your teeth and any existing dental restorations to chip. It also strains your jaw muscles and reduces the quality of your sleep. Night guards are one highly effective method for helping reduce the side effects of bruxism, including jaw pain, sore teeth and headaches. They are worn while you sleep and can be a great strategy for helping protect your teeth in the long run. Our night guards are custom-made in dental laboratories. They use high-quality dental acrylic formed against a custom mould of your mouth for a superior fit.

Along with the use of night guards, bruxism can be addressed using many different methods including using braces, using medications or professional services for stress reduction and changing your diet to reduce the consumption of stimulants.

– Teeth that are out of shape and are misaligned can contribute to teeth grinding. Braces and Invisalign treatments can help address this problem and provide a long-term solution for helping reduce bruxism.
– Stress and anxiety can be significant contributing factors towards night-time teeth grinding. While this is a broad issue, reducing stress through practices such as meditation or exercise can be beneficial in minimizing the degree of bruxism. We recommend that our patients make the healthiest medical decisions, including seeking professional counselling and taking appropriate prescribed medications for stress.
– Your diet impacts many aspects of your life, including your oral health. We generally recommend patients who suffer from bruxism to reduce caffeine consumption.
– Certain medications, such as antidepressants, may also contribute to bruxism.

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