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D.R. Dental is a comprehensive dental practice that has been faithfully serving the dental needs of our Toronto and Etobicoke communities. We offer a full range of general dentistry services, including complete oral exams, dental cleanings, emergency interventions, root canals and dentistry for the elderly and children.

How to keep your teeth healthy

Attending your dental cleanings is only the beginning for maintaining lifelong healthy teeth. The most important aspect of keeping your teeth healthy is to make a habit of using the best dental hygiene practices. Ensure that you are using the most appropriate toothbrush for your teeth, flossing between your teeth regularly, cleaning your tongue thoroughly and eating a low-sugar diet.

A comprehensive oral exam is the first step in helping you maintain and improve your oral health. Our oral examinations are a general yet thorough examination of your teeth, gums and overall oral health status. Your oral health can be an important early indicator for other general diseases. That’s why our examinations can also help you discover signs of diabetes, sinus problems, immune deficiencies and cancer.

You should consider scheduling a comprehensive complete oral exam every 3 to 5 years and recall exams about every 6 months. This practice of preventative dentistry will often save you considerable difficulty and money in the long run. We will also offer you a comprehensive oral exam before the planning of any major dental work or if you have been recently diagnosed with a new medical condition.

Cavities are one of the most common dental difficulties that almost all Canadians face during their lifetimes. This type of tooth decay is caused by the acid from bacteria destroying both the enamel and dentin of our teeth. While regular teeth brushing is an excellent way of preventing the formation of cavities, it is equally as important to treat any cavities as soon as they appear.

Regular checks of your teeth at home, as well as professional check-ups at the dentist will help detect cavities at an early stage. When appropriate treatment is delayed, you are at an increased risk of infection, extended tooth decay and other dental complications. During your oral exam we will determine how prone your teeth are to cavities and will schedule appropriate check-ups to help you maintain your healthy smile.

Many Canadians suffer from mild to moderate forms of gum disease. These include gingivitis and periodontitis. Such diseases often come with early warning signs such as bleeding gums, swollen gums and hardened plaque on teeth. We encourage all of our patients to keep an eye out for such indicators, while consistently practicing the best preventative hygiene practices for gum health.

We help prevent gum disease through gum therapy and treating existing gum disease with focused and proactive treatment and surgery. At D.R. Dental we offer both surgical and non-surgical therapies and treatments for gum disease.

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