Partial & Complete Dentures

Dentures for all needs

Dentures are a cost-effective, customizable and durable solution for replacing missing teeth. While many of our patients initially believe that dentures are only for individuals who have lost all of their teeth, this is not the case. Dentures are available as both partial and complete replacements for teeth that have been lost.

Complete vs partial dentures

Overall, dentures are removable replacements for both missing teeth and any surrounding gum tissue. Complete dentures are appropriate where all natural teeth have been lost or extracted. They are available in both ‘conventional’ and ‘immediate’ types, depending on the situation and need. On the other hand, partial dentures are used when some or many of the natural teeth remain healthy. They clip or slip into place and can even be used to replace a single missing tooth.

Both complete and partial dentures are made by first taking measurements and an impression or a digital scan of your jaw. This information will be used to create a model that you will be able to test and the dentures will be designed to fit your jaw and match any existing tooth colour. After all the necessary adjustments have been made, the final denture will be cast. Changes are possible after the final casting but may be limited. It is common for your gums to change with age and wear. Dentures will often need to be replaced or relined (re-fitted) after a few years to allow for maximal support and comfort.

Dentures are often a top choice for many of our patients, but solutions such as implants and bridges are also available. We encourage you to book an appointment with our dentist to discuss the best options for your personal medical history, budget and needs. Dentures can also be used as a temporary solution. For example, a number of our patients opt for single tooth dentures while they await implants or bridges.

We find that our patients often worry whether dentures will affect the look of their smile. In our experience, dentures actually often improve the smile because we are able to freely customize the size, shape and colour to be aesthetically balanced.

While any tooth replacements will always remain a substitute for your natural teeth, dentures are an excellent option. Getting dentures for the first time can mean that you will need to allow for a learning curve while your mouth adjusts to the new teeth. At D.R. Dental we use the latest denture development technology to get the closest and most comfortable fit. Our high-quality dentures mean that you will get the most natural feel and dentures that look seamlessly natural.


Find out about your options

It may seem like there is a new technology or treatment available every time you visit our office. The speed of dental advancement makes it hard for even well-read patients to keep up with the latest trends. We encourage you to speak with us to find out how you can replace any of your missing teeth. Book a consultation at D.R. Dental to learn more about your options, including complete and partial dentures.