Dental Implants

Dental Implants: A reliable solution for missing teeth

Dental implants are a durable and long lasting method of replacing missing teeth. In cases where a single tooth is missing and the rest of the dentition is in good shape, a dental implant is the ideal choice. In more complex cases where multiple teeth are missing, dental implants can still come into play. However, more factors must be considered when attempting to decide if an implant is the best fit for your smile. Dental implants can also be combined with complete dentures, providing them with an extra source of retention and stability.

In general, a dental implant is usually comprised of three components:

– a titanium screw placed into the bone
– a specialized attachment called an abutment, that screws into the implant
– a crown or bridge that will be either cemented or screwed onto the abutment

As no natural tooth is involved, implants have the potential to last a life time. There is no risk for cavities, and they are far more resistant to gum disease. However, like all dental products, problems can still occur so regular maintenance is required.

Do you have sufficient bone for an implant?

Dental implants require good quality bone to act as an anchor, and a skilled practitioner to place the implant. In cases where there is not enough bone to place an implant, bone grafting might be needed.

Dental implants Etobicoke

When missing a single tooth, implants truly are the next best thing to natural teeth. When multiple teeth are missing, implants do not always have to be placed on a one to one ratio of missing teeth to implants. Depending on the location, quality and quantity of bone, and number of teeth to be replaced, implant supported bridges or dentures can often be used.

So if you are missing some teeth, or struggling with dentures that do not want to stay in place, implants might be right for you. Contact us today to set up a consult to find out what we can do for you.

Dental implants are usually utilized in case of missing teeth/tooth to restore the patients dentition and proper function. Every patient and every situation is unique. Depending on the patient and the expectation and number of missing teeth, many dental implant options can be considered, like a single tooth dental implant, or bridge supported dental implants, if several teeth are missing. In case of several missing teeth or teeth with hopeless prognosis, both fixed and removable denture solutions can be considered.

Do you have a missing tooth? Dental implants are a great solution for replacing a single missing tooth. Tooth loss, whether it is due to dental decay, periodontal disease or trauma, over time can cause many serious dental issues. Adjacent and opposing teeth will shift, reducing the gap where the missing tooth was once. This may result in abnormal spacing and teeth gaps, misalignment and gum disease along with other problems like an abnormal and a traumatic bite and even TMJ problems. For some patients, a bridge may be a good solution. while for others, the practical solution might be an implant. If after a proper examination, diagnosis and discussion of all your options you’ve decided to go with the implant route you need to know whats involved. The dental implant process involves a few steps. First, if the tooth or part of it hasn’t been removed then it needs to be extracted. The empty socket in the jaw then must heal up. A bone graft option can be provided to speed up the rate of site healing. Once healing is established, the implant can be placed in place. It takes several weeks to months for the bone to bond and fuse with the implant properly. Once the bone and implant have fused, a post will be secured onto the implant to serve as a base for the prosthetic tooth. Implants should look natural once restored. So a proper tooth colour shade, size, and shape that matches the rest of your dentition will be established for a beautiful and natural finish. When properly cared for, your dental implant should last a lifetime!

Dental implants

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Implants are a versatile tool that can be used for improving your dental health and the cosmetic appearance of your smile. Our patients find that despite the longer process, it is a journey worth making. Call our phone line, send us a message or visit our Etobicoke dental practice for more information.