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Digital Radiography

Modern technological improvements allow us to use digital technology to help replace classical X-ray machines. Digital radiography, alternatively known as digital x-rays, are an excellent option for diagnosing oral health problems including gum disease, cavities, infections and abnormal growths. X-rays are often used to determine the underlying source of tooth pain for patients. Digital radiography has become a mainstay of dentistry and an important preventative tool for spotting dental abnormalities.

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What are the benefits of digital X-Rays?

Digital X-rays are a safer option compared to old school X-rays and they provide better quality images and allow for more precise diagnosis of dental problems. While occasional X-rays only present a very low health threat to us, digital X-rays help lower this exposure even further. This allows for more regular use of digital radiography technology to consistently monitor the health of your teeth and gums.

Digital X-rays use less radiation to create images of the same quality as traditional analog X-ray films. On average, digital radiography emits 70% less radiation than conventional X-ray machines. This is particularly important for children and adults who are more vulnerable to radiation. In order to further protect you, we provide all of our patients with a lead apron that features a protective thyroid collar. D.R. Dental is committed to using all available resources to protect our patients from any, even the smallest doses of radiation.

Digital radiography produces larger images with better contrast (256 shades of grey, compared to the traditional 16-25 shades). These images can be digitally enhanced after processing, which makes detecting cavities and other dental conditions much easier and more precise. This also means that the need for follow-up X-rays is reduced, saving you time and further exposure to radiation. The digital images are produced immediately for viewing on a screen in front of you, meaning your treatment will proceed without further delay.

The digitization of X-rays allows for faster turnaround times, more informed dentistry and the consolidation of personal records. If you are experiencing tooth pain, digital radiography allows for an immediate diagnosis of your problem, without the delays of waiting for X-ray films to be processed. Your digital X-rays will be stored with your health records, to allow for consultation during future visits to the dentist. This information is stored securely and can be shared appropriately with other dental practices you may choose to visit.

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