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Cosmetic Dentistry On A Budget: What Are Your Options?

Cosmetic dentistry is a rapid growing practice that can allow the appearance of your teeth to be altered aesthetically. It allows for reshaping, adjusting misaligned teeth and even changing the color of the teeth. The most common types of cosmetic dentistry practices are veneers, dental implants, cosmetic dental bonding, tooth reshaping and teeth whitening.


For teeth that are damaged, misshaped and discolored Porcelain veneers are a good option in restoring them so they appear healthy. Porcelain veneers are composed of wafer thin porcelain or resin material that is attached to the original tooth. They allow you to alter the look of your smile so that you can customize the shape and the color of the tooth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to missing or damaged teeth and an alternative to dentures. A small screw is placed inside the jawbone to act as the root, which then holds a crown. Implants also allow for customization of the shape and the color of each tooth so that the smile becomes more aesthetically appealing.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Composite resin is used to reshape the tooth. This method is best for small changes to the smile and is usually the easiest and cheapest. Fractured, chipped and discolored teeth can be benefitted by this practice.

Tooth Reshaping

Minor imperfection can be adjusted using tools. This practice only works for reshaping to teeth using sanding tools to help minimize the aesthetic imperfections on the surface of the tooth. This is a cost effective method to alter your smile and make minor alterations to the enamel of your natural tooth.

Teeth Whitening

The most common type of cosmetic dentistry practice is teeth whitening. Stains and discoloration can be easily removed from the enamel of the tooth allowing for a healthier and whiter smile. Effects of this treatment are seen right away and can allow for a patient to go up to 3-4 shades whiter in just one treatment. There are various different types of methods for teeth whitening from take home kits to in office treatment using lasers to activate the peroxide used to whiten the enamel. For patients on a budget they can choose which method they prefer based on the cost and type of whitening they require.

D.R. Dental Clinic offers all of these procedures and can help you decide which method might be the best for your smile. Call today to book an appointment so you can decide which one works for your smile and your budget. Cosmetic dentistry can be an option for everyone.

Pearly Whites? What Are Your Teeth Whitening Options

Teeth whitening procedures are a rapid growing trend for individuals of all ages. As we age teeth can change color over time due to smoking products and the food that we eat or drink. Fortunately there are many products that are available to brighten teeth up to several shades. These products can range in price and can be an option for even those with a low budget. The most common methods are whitening toothpastes, strips, gels or take home whitening kits and in office teeth bleaching.

Whitening Toothpaste

Over the counter toothpastes are available in most drugstores for an at home whitening solution. Although these are generally not as effective for everyone and they usually require prolonged daily usage before results are visible.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are also a cheap over the counter alternative that can be purchased at most drugstores. Clear strips containing peroxide based ingredients are applied to the teeth twice a day for 30 minutes for the duration of two weeks until results are achieved. The results can last between four to five months.

Whitening Gels

Gels can usually be purchased at the dentist’s office as a take home whitening kit. Gel is applied to the teeth in either a custom made tray or a standard silicon tray and kept against the teeth for 30 minutes. The procedure is repeated once a day for three days for whiter results. Whitening gels are a cost effective way to whiten your teeth with the direction of a dentist.

Teeth Bleaching

An in-office tooth bleaching is a procedure available from dental professionals and is the most effective and quickest method of obtaining a whiter smile. As it is done in the care of a professional the active ingredients are the strongest strength resulting in a quick and whiter outcome. In addition to this dentists will ensure that your gums and enamel are protected during the procedure. Hydrogen peroxide ingredients are applied to the teeth and the whitening process is active by a blue light. One session usually takes about 15-20 minutes and gives immediate results.

Overall there are a wide range of products that can allow you to obtain the whiter smile that you are looking for but it is highly recommended that you consult with a dental professional to decide which method would suit your teeth. D.R. Dental can help you in discovering which teeth whitening option would work for you, call to book an appointment.